Dan Skaggs;  Waterwalls / Sculpture
I have been doing water features for the past 23 years. Clients include Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, Ca., and numerous Marriot Hotels and Hospitals through out the United States. I have completed and installed over 200 water features in my career, at least 75% of them being for individual residences, from 5' high to 35' high.

With a Masters Degree in Sculpture, I often go beyond the normal flat rectangle and aspire to give each piece a unique sculptural flair.

With the exception of the "Isis" water feature shown on this website, which I can reproduce in any color, all my pieces are individual commissions. After establishing a budget with the client, I design a unique piece which matches the colors textures, materials and scale to fit it's location.

My work can be for interior or exterior settings. I believe the sound of a water feature is also very important and design each piece to have the right sound for it's environment.

Dan Skaggs